we’re totally different. she’s very active, outgoing and loud. on the other hand i’m quiet. i told myself, “man i can’t keep up with her.” - jessica

i was reminded of that quote (and the many other times they talked about being opposites) while watching this fancam because, here, you could see tiffany being so loud and hyper, jumping all over the place. meanwhile, there’s jessica casually strolling by. it’s such a clear example of how wonderfully different these two are, and yet, they play off each other so well. i just.

"You make a cool mom of for prince! ahem and I make a cool auntie." - Jessica’s message for Tiffany’s birthday

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DANDYU THE BEST Album Interview:

Taeyeon: Sunny likes to bite. She likes to bite from behind.

Sunny: Why did you talk about my secret? I like biting.


Taeyeon: Sunny keeps on biting us. If she sees some bare shoulders she’ll bite them from the back

Sunny: Why would you talk about somebody else’s secret. I like biting. I bite on areas where it doesn’t hurt like elbows

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